Swailing on Holdstone Down

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Yesterday we began our yearly program of Swailing. Swailing is the controlled burning of moorland to promote new growth and diversify age structure. Fire breaks were cut by Chris Lerwill (Moorland Keeper) to control the fire and we were on standby with beaters to stop any fire creep.

The Swailing is part of a 15 year rotation and is hugely beneficial to area. Swailing has been used as a tool to manage the moor for thousands of years.

We burned 3 sites on Holdstone Down totalling just less than 5 Hectares. The burning was lead by Marcus Wilde, Daniel Ford and I, we were joined by Moorland Keeper Chris Lerwill with his apprentice Sam Smythe.

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    Great to see this post by the National Trust’s North Devon team.

    Moorkeepers – one of the 15 projects under the Heart of Exmoor banner, run by Exmoor Moorland Landscape Partnership.

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