Iron Age discovery at Brownsham

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The National Trust Offices at Brownsham gained a brand new resource this year. Thanks to National Trust and Sky funding we now have an outdoor classroom. This was designed and built with the help of Hartland Primary School and a local Thatcher, Adam Hyne. We worked closely with Hartland School to learn about the Iron age, traditional building and our local resources. During a number of visits we explored the surrounding woodland of Beckland, the Iron Age Hillfort at Windbury Head, visited the cob buildings of Higher Brownsham Farm, wowing the children with its ornate hung plaster ceiling. The children also built there own eco huts from whatever they could find in Beckland Woods and in the classroom let their imaginations run wild, designing there eco hut prototypes, with ornate heating systems, access ramps and even wind turbines.

The Build…

This was achieved with help from the children and volunteers, using materials sourced as locally as we could, some as close as Beckland Woods. Once we had the structure up we employed the skills of a local thatcher who skilfully adorned our hut with local water reed.

Looking to the future…

We hope to complete the walls with daub (Getting very messy and having great fun in the process!) and interior of the hut this year with the help of the local schools, Hartland cub group and volunteers. This will not only provide shelter for outdoor activities, but also provide a great starting point and inspiration for the many activities run in and around Brownsham.

2 responses to “Iron Age discovery at Brownsham

  1. Our local school here in Bratton Fleming have just started a Forest School and might be interested in that splendid hut that was built at Brownsham .Can you supply any details on this that I can pass to them.

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