Watersmeet Rivers in Spate

This video doesn’t exist

Those of you who have visited Watersmeet during the summer months probably know the two rivers as fairly tranquil gurgling streams that have children skimming stones, people watching dippers bobbing up and down and then diving for insects and fishermen casting a lazy fly across calm fishing pools. You may even have sat on a rock and dipped your tied feet in to the cold water after a long walk. However for those of us that live and work near to them all Year round know they have their moments of absolute fury. These are, after all, two of the three major rivers that cascaded down on to Lynmouth in August 1952 with disastrous consequences.   The rivers today were nowhere near those horrific levels, but they were quite awe inspiring.  Here are two videos, one of the East Lyn River the other of the Hoar Oak Water, showing just how powerful the waters of Exmoor can be. I hope you enjoy these clips but please remember these rivers can be hazardous even when they look calm you should do as I do and treat them with a huge amount of respect and caution.

Turn the sound up, the noise is incredible. oh, and click on the full screen icon and if you have a fast enough connection go for the full HD!

This video doesn’t exist

One response to “Watersmeet Rivers in Spate

  1. Not a day for a paddle!

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