Landslip at the Leat

We received a text message from Julian on Thursday evening informing us of a landslip on the Leat path from Lynmouth to Ladycombe. The Leat path is so called due to the Leat that used to feed water to the Lyn Hydro plant in Lynmouth. It was mostly destroyed in the 1952 flood but remains can still be found along the path.

We found the landslip after a brief walk, and discovered most of the path had ended up in the river!

The landslip was probably caused by a number of factors, but I expect recent heavy rain was the main cause. The river had also been nibbling away at the base for quite a while! As you can see from the photographs there is a large Beech Stump and a boulder weighing several tonnes now in the river (along with our path). The stump roots were most likely holding the bank up but have since become too weak due to rot.

We had to ensure the safety of the public using the area so first thing on Friday morning we went to inspect the damage. We decided we could rectify it ourselves fairly easily, so we shut the path and set to work. Luckily the ground in that area is made up of river shingle and sand so after a few hours digging and grading we had our path back! Woodrush was replanted on the old path to discourage people from going near the edge. After a few days of rain and weather the new path should bed in, and look like it’s always been there. People can now safely stroll through the impressive Beech grove again, until the next time the East Lyn decides to claim a bit more land!






2 responses to “Landslip at the Leat

  1. An NT Ranger’s work is never done! Great that we have you to look after our paths and countryside.

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