Artist in Residence

North Devon Arts member, Stuart Fiddes, was artist in residence at The Cabin, Bucks Mills, near Bideford. During the 7 days of opening he exhibited a collection of original photographs, driftwood objects and drawings taken from the inspirational shores of North Devon, mostly from within a few hundred yards of the building. The items were displayed in and amongst the ornaments and other possessions of the original inhabitants who stopped visiting many years ago.

Tucked into the steeply sloping cliff leading down to the beach at Bucks Mills, The Cabin is a former summer home of two renowned artists, Judith Ackland and Mary Stella Edwards. A small building, still full of the personal effects of the artists after they last left over 40 years ago, it is now owned and managed by The National Trust who encourage artists in residence in honour of the memory of the two women who spent every summer there from the 1930’s to their last visit in 1970.

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