Lyn Rock Bridge



Watersmeet, a National Trust site in North Devon, has completed £20,000 of work to restore Lynrock Bridge to its former glory, following extensive damage caused by a falling oak tree in 2009.

Last Autumn, the site was chosen by the public to receive funding as part of the Bovril Great Outdoors Revival, beating off over 70 National Trust sites to gain a share of a £100,000 prize fund.

Thanks to the Bovril, the Lynrock Bridge has been completely rebuilt and transformed. Connecting two of the busiest footpaths on Exmoor across the stunningly beautiful East Lyn River, the repaired walkway will once again allow visitors and local residents to access the path. As well as providing access for people who are fishing or canoeing in or around the East Lyn River.

Julian Gurney, Head Ranger at Watersmeet commented: “To see such a beautiful local landmark in disrepair was so sad. Thanks to the funding from Bovril, the bridge is set to again become a useful access point for the North Devon and Exmoor communities.

“Using the local knowledge and expertise of the National Trust Rangers, local craftsman spent three weeks constructing the bridge a mile away from the site. Once completed, we faced the extremely delicate task of transporting it and lifting it into place. All the effort was worth it – feedback from day trippers, hikers, fishermen and canoeists has been very positive. The rebuilding of this bridge will make accessing to the East Lyn Valley easier for many people both locals and visitors.”

Brand Manager for Bovril, Roxana Parvizi notes: “We have been overwhelmed by the public’s support of the Bovril Great Outdoors Revival. Bovril has been fuelling outdoor enthusiasts for years, giving warmth and comfort to walkers, ramblers, anglers and those who just love to explore Great Britain’s untainted countryside, so it is amazing to see the funding come to life and the difference it has made to outdoor country projects like Watersmeet.”

Before and after pictures of Lynrock Bridge can be seen at as well as information about Watersmeet. You can also keep up to date with developments at the other winning Bovril Great Outdoor Revival places.

6 responses to “Lyn Rock Bridge

  1. Well done Julian,your team and all the voters!

  2. So much hard work went into this project. It’s great to see pictures of the new bridge in place.

  3. Richard Wakeford

    What a great achievement. No one appreciates the importance of a bridge until it is no longer there.
    Congratulations to all concerned with this project.

  4. Great work to you and all involved to getting this project off the ground and seeing it through to its challenging conclusion!

  5. A very worthy cause and wow! what a lovely bridge!! An asset to the countryside and pleasing to the eye, the bridge will be a welcome connection on Exmoor. Well done all of you and a good outcome to all your hard work. I look forward to visiting it soon and seeing why I voted. Well done Bovril for supporting the countryside and enabling it to look more beautiful. A big well done to everyone!!

  6. Well done Bovril and all the guys that worked on and behind the scene’s to get the bridge together. I look forward to going along it when I am next down in the area. Congratulations to all.

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