Coppicing and Charcoal burning

I had a great week with a working holiday group last week at Rockford. We coppiced hazel in an overgrown area and used the wood for a number of purposes. We created charcoal on site, walking sticks and also left some hazel for deadwood habitat.


At the end of the week thanks to my groups hard work the site was unrecognisable, they cleared 100m of thick hazel which will now let a lot of light into the site and encourage new growth. Also they were able to take home some charcoal for their barbeques next year.

4 responses to “Coppicing and Charcoal burning

  1. Richard Wakeford

    What a good way to spend a week, well done. Coppicing and charcoal burning are ancient practices, not too common in the West Country but still alive and kicking in the South East.

  2. danielcameron2011

    Thanks Richard were just trying out the charcoal burning at the moment, but produce enough for our shop in summer.

  3. There are a few charcoal burners in Devon. Here at Bulworthy Project, we make charcoal and do charcoal burning courses at Rackenford.

  4. For a step by step illustrated description of how to make charcoal see:

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