The magic of Baggy

The sunny weather created two lovely surprises for me as i was working out on Baggy Point recently which i thought you may like to see. The first was a huge fairy ring created with the biggest field mushrooms i have ever seen. The were so big that i had quite a time convincing Dave one of our wonderful volutneers that it was worth interrupting our mid morning tea break to go and check that they really weren’t a circle of large stones! Each mushroom was close on the size of a dinner plate and there were about 16 of them in a rough circle in a sheep grazed field.

The other magic moment occurred whilst litter picking the sandy cliffs at the start of Baggy Point with a working holiday group. Now i’ve always known that these exposed, south facing cliffs are an important home for solitary mining bees and wasps but i had never realised quite how many there were until the late September sun brought them out of the cliff face in their hundreds. The bees are so docile and friendly that we were able to stand right next to them without alarming them and watched them buzzing in and out of their holes. You could even see the loose sand mounding up that they had excavated.


6 responses to “The magic of Baggy

  1. Wow, the mushrooms look amazing – so, what did you make with them?

  2. Richard Wakeford

    That is one of the best blogs so far. Ijust love mushrooms…and bees.

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