Manx Shearwater releases at Baggy Point

Yesterday I had a call from the RSPCA at Taunton asking if they could release some Manx Shearwaters off the end of Baggy Point.  The RSPCA had rescued several hundred Shearwaters, most likley new fledgling birds, the previous week which had been blown inshore by the gales which have been battering our coastline recently.  Initially the birds were very weak but after care given to them by RSPCA staff and volunteers they regained  their strength and were ready for release and to resume their migration, to the seas off the coast of South America. 

We met the RSPCA at Baggy car park with about 60 birds in boxes and transfered them out to the tip of Baggy Point, which meant carry boxes down  a steep grassy slope to the cliff egde.   There they were released one by one into a fairly stiff wind.  Nearing the end the wind picked up to such a strength that the final few had to wait for release another day.  The whole event was filmed by a BBC camera man from the Autumn watch series.  Rob managed to get a few photographs whilst holding onto the boxes of Manx Shearwaters in the wind!


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