Beach BBQ’s – the downside

There’s no better place to have a bbq than on a beach with the sun going down.   Just got back from a quick litter pick at Rockham, a fantastic little beach near Bull Point, where I came across this!  It makes me pretty angry when people leave their rubbish, mostly broken bottles in this case, which is quite thoughtless on a beach with all those bare feet walking around.  All cleared up now, rant over.

2 responses to “Beach BBQ’s – the downside

  1. yes – pretty irresponsible. On a similar topic, I find it hard to understand why so many people think it is OK to just open their hands and drop litter wherever they go. Something wrong with our society?

  2. Hi Jonathan – know what you mean! Down End at Croyde gets like this, only worse, most holiday periods. At least the people at Rockham seem to have kept all their rubbish on one place? – “idiots” at Down End tend to see how much of the rocks they can cover with broken glass by flinging their bottles in all directions.
    Cheers, Paul.

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