My work experience adventure……

I turned up at 8 am in Woolacombe for my work experience with the National Trust rangers with no idea what I was going to be doing. I knew rangers looked after the coast but I soon discovered that there’s something different to do every day and they look after a huge area.

On Monday everyone disappeared off in different directions. I went with Jemma and Kevin to work on site maintenance work at Baggy Point. This meant fixing stiles and steps and putting in gates for dogs to run through. We had to adapt one gate to fit and hoped that the biggest dogs would get through.

In the afternoon we went on to Woolacombe beach to interact with the public, trying to encourage them to play beach volleyball and footie.

Tuesday we helped Georgeham primary school build some steps so the children can get into their new garden. It was very interesting as I haven’t done this  before. I carried on building the steps on Wednesday as well!

Everyday I have done something different and learned lots of new skills!! I have had a great experience working with the National Trust!

Holly, Chulmleigh Community College

4 responses to “My work experience adventure……

  1. Great stuff, Holly! Sounds like you enjoyed it as well as picking up some new skills too.

  2. Hi Holly, sounds like an action packed week. I will bring my giant beast of a dog to test out your gate and let you know how he gets on!

  3. thank you, I really enjoyed my week with the national trust and I learnt loads of new skills which are coming in use at home. I’m sure your dog will fit through our gate! thank you so much jemma it was definitely the best work experience out of the two I had.

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