Open day at artists retreat

On Saturday the 4th of June we opened the doors to Bucks Mills Cabin, this was once the summer retreat of Judith Ackland and Mary Stella Edwards. They took inspiration for their water colours and poetry from the North Devon coast whilst staying at the Cabin from the 1920`s until Judith’s death in 1971.

We had a great day with lovely sunny weather and 119 people visiting us at the Cabin were time has stood still for 40years.

One response to “Open day at artists retreat

  1. Julian,
    I wonder if you can help? I have done 3 working hols so far this year, and I think I can get a slightly better deal than 3 cards. Another vilunteer said something about a card that gives better discounts, swapable for two or 3 of the cards I possess.
    But NT web contact proved unhelpful, suggested I contact the places I’d worked for – thats you.
    Nice blog by the way – for another view of Restoration Tour see my blog:
    Rob Stephenson

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