5 Days on 5 Fantastic Properties

What a week! Our working holidays are always a lot of fun but I have to say this last one rates in my top 5 all time best.  We completed 5 days of work with Rangers from 5 different properties across Exmoor and North Devon. Here is my diary.

                           Day 1  Arlington  Court with Ranger George

The week started at Arlington Court with Ranger George giving us his health and safety talk in the driving wind and rain out in the Parkland. We were there to build chestnut railings around a small copse of beech trees in order to protect them from grazing animals. The day improved enough to take a few photos by the afternoon.

Ranger George and the Team Rest on their handiwork.

 Day 2 Watersmeet, West Exmoor with Ranger Daniel

Too wet for many photographs today as  rained for most of the day. We raked all the old leaf litter from the bridleway between Hillsford Bridge and Watersmeet House making the path a lot comfortable to use. We finished the work by 2pm so took a walk up to Ash Bridge and talked about some of the conservation work the Trust does.

Ranger Daniel and the Team at Watersmeet

 Day 3 Holnicote, with Rangers Rob and Mike

Sunshine! A day on the Holnicote property with Rangers Rob and Mike cutting and burning laurel to improve the woodland followed by a trip up to Webber’s Post to look out over Dunkery Beacon the highest point on Exmoor.

Rangers Rob and Mike with the Working Holiday at Webber’s Post

Day 4 Peppercombe on the Hartland with Rangers Justin and Greg

This was the first time I had been to Peppercombe and I have to say it certainly won’t be the last, what a fantastic place! Justin and Greg explained that we would be resurfacing a footpath and digging out a ditch and then took us into the most glorious flower meadow.


                                                           Digging off the Path

                                                           Early Purple Orchid

                        Lunch on the Beach with Rangers Justin and Greg

                   Day 5 Woolacombe with Rangers Jonathan and Rob

The last day of a fantastic week and the sun came out to play as we combed the beach at Woolacombe for litter that had been washed in by the sea. We picked up a large trailer load of rubbish including several onions! The day was topped off with a beach barbecue and trip back along the coast road to the Bunkhouse at Countisbury.

Thank you all for a really enjoyable week, please come and see us again very soon.

3 responses to “5 Days on 5 Fantastic Properties

  1. Great diary, when people ask what I was doing last week I’ll send them here!

    Thanks for an brilliant week, and for a memorable introduction to a beautiful part of the world.

    • juliangurney

      Your are welcome Amy, I enjoyed your company and I hope to see you again soon…Take care.

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