Wild Red Deer at Combe Park

Sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time, you can’t plan it you just have to be lucky. Well this has got to be one of those moments and in this case I just happened to be in bed, early on Sunday morning drinking a cup of tea and looking out of the window, as you do, when I spotted these deer nervously heading across the grass area at Combe Park towards the Copper Beech tree that stands just outside our garden fence. They like the fresh young leaves as they unfurl and before they harden off.  My wife Lynne sneaked downstairs and got my new camera and I took these pictures to share with you. Living out in the wilds at Combe Park is a real privilege, over the years we have seen lots of amazing wildlife in and around our garden including badgers, foxes, all manner of birds and on one occasion a pair of otters gambolling down the bank of the Hoar Oak Water that runs just a few yards away from our home. I tweet these incidences, photos and other aspects of my life and work on Twitter on a daily basis as @NTExmoorRanger follow me for more of the same. Double click on the photos to enlarge!

2 responses to “Wild Red Deer at Combe Park

  1. Richard Wakeford

    What a wonderful sight and how clever of you to have a camera. Well Done.

  2. David Dixon

    You lucky man!

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