Dog Awareness Day: Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May, 10.00am until 2.00pm, Woolacombe sand dunes

The National Trust and Braunton Dog Training Club are organising a joint fun day on the sand dunes to raise awareness of all doggy issues! We will be giving away dog treats and poo bags (always useful) and there will be fun quizzes to test your canine knowledge and tea and coffee provided as well. There will be experts on hand to answer all your dog training questions and you can find out more about the ‘Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme’. Charter Veterinary Practice will be on hand and able to answer your canine medical questions and give you advice about micro chipping and immunisation and our North Devon dog warden is hoping to be around as well so you can find out about what happens if your dog goes missing.

We will also be running a free prize draw to win prizes kindly donated by Melian Pet Supplies.

The emphasis is on having fun when out and about with your dog whilst learning how to be a responsible owner as well. So bring your dog and come and see us. Look out for the National Trust banners on the day!

The National Trust are working hard to keep the sand dunes as a beautiful and safe place for everyone to visit and for a couple of years we have been talking to dog owners about the importance of using the dog bins provided to clean up after their dogs. Rangers now do regular walks with our local PCSO who will give out spot fines to anyone not cleaning up after their dog on the sand dunes. This initiative has had a lot of positive feedback from locals who use the area.

For more information on the Dog Awareness Day, contact Jemma Lowin on 01271 870555 – We look forward to seeing you there.

4 responses to “Dog Awareness Day: Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May, 10.00am until 2.00pm, Woolacombe sand dunes

  1. As a National Trust volunteer at Woolacombe and responsible dog owner, I fully support this initiative. I struggle to understand why so many people let their dogs foul and do not bother to clean up afterwards. It only takes a minute to clear up after your dog. And don’t forget to put it in the bins provided or take it home. Seeing used bags on the ground a few feet from a bin is unbelievable. We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers. Let us be a nation of RESPONSIBLE animal lovers!!!

  2. Richard Wakeford

    What a super idea…combining a morsel of propaganda with a deal of fun. Unfortunately though, you will be preaching to the converted, as I feel that only responsible dog owners will turn up, not the morons that throw their bags of poo in trees or hedges or leave them on a footpath. So I hope the wardens and PCSO’s levy some hefty fines to the miscreants.

    • Thanks for your comments – i agree about preaching to the converted! I’m setting up the stand near one of the main access routes to the beach and as it’s a bank holiday monday and i have a loud speaker and tea and biscuits, i’m hoping we can attract some of the less responsible dog owners along as well – fingers crossed for a dry day…

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