Pilton Community College students lend a hand…..

This week me and Callum were on work experience with the National Trust. We spent the week helping the team with their jobs – from litter picking, hacking down brambles and cutting down trees. The weather has been brilliant, making our jobs a lot more enjoyable. I loved the week here and despite the hard work and a new hate for brambles, I’m very happy not to have been inside doing an office job this week! 

Anna, Year 10

This week I think that the thing  I enjoyed most was using the bowsaw to cut down trees.  But I didn’t like it that much when the tree fell on me!!!  I also liked the litter pick on the beach and loved that we had an extra long lunch break.  The bad thing about it was i got sunburn on my neck,ouch!  Other than the shovelling sand which was back breaking work, I don’t think there is anything else that i didn’t enjoy about my experience. I was extremely happy when Anna brought in Cadburys cream eggs!!!

Callum, Year 10

Thanks to both of you for a fun week of work and especially for the chocolates and cream eggs……

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