Bonfires, toads and the Second World War

It’s amazing what you discover lying buried under your feet. Whilst clearing scrub in an overgrown and secluded valley in the sand dunes at Woolacombe, we not only found a hibernating toad but also quite a good collection of old twisted metal and very large concrete blocks.

Not that exciting i hear you cry? Not on the face of it maybe but Woolacombe was the headquarters for the American troops during WWII and the sanddunes were heavily used as a practice and training ground. There is some thought provoking video footage available over the internet now of the dunes being driven over in army tanks, soldiers snaking on their stomachs surrounded by barbed wire and amphibious craft rising out of the sea.

Finding the remains of the trackways and bunkers built by those soldiers lying just under the surface 60 years on really does take you back in time and make you think……

2 responses to “Bonfires, toads and the Second World War

  1. Just keep a careful watch for those unexploded ones when you are poking around!

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