Woolacombe’s New Orchard

Where will you be able to taste a Cornish Gilliflower, a Farmers Glory and a Devonshire Quarrendon? Hopefully at the newly planted orchard in Woolacombe as these are the quirky names of some of the 30 fruit trees that we planted today at the end of the allotments with the help of Richard and Barry who are both allotment holders.

The trees, which include eating and cider apples as well as some plums, are all traditional varieties and many are from the West Country such as the Tidicombe Seedling, grown at Arlington and the Landkey yellow, a type of plum.

In years to come, the orchard will not only help to prevent the decline of one of Devon’s typical landscape features but will provide a really great habitat for all types of wildlife including lichens, birds and bees which are really struggling at the moment. And of course, there’s the cider to look forward to……..Cheers!

2 responses to “Woolacombe’s New Orchard

  1. Greg Chilcote

    Fruity names for some quirky trees…

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