Coppicing at Kinever Valley

On Sunday I had a great day in lovely winter sunshine, with members of the Woolacombe Allotments Association coppicing hazel.   There is a small area of woodland just off the lighthouse road on the way to Bull Point.  It is a derelict hazel coppice which has not been coppiced for years.  Coppicing is an old woodland management technique where you cut down trees, in this case hazel, and over subsequent years the trees regrow by producing lots of shoot which are then cut again either 3, 5, 7 or in some cases 15 years later, depending on what you are going to use the wood for.   The wood which we cut on Sunday will be used by the allotment holders for bean poles, pea sticks and stakes.   As well a providing useful material for the allotments, by coppicing the hazel we open up the woodland canopy which lets  alot of light onto the woodland floor, this is great for spring flowers, like the primrose and woodland butterflies.

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