Baggy Pond habitat improvements

The pond near Baggy Point acts like a giant saucer, trapping the mud that washes off the fields behind it as it makes it’s way down to the sea so every few years, the ‘plug’ has to be taken out, the pond drained and the five feet of silt removed. Sounds easy enough but not when it’s December, the ‘plug’ is under eight foot of cold pond water and mud and has to be wriggled, jiggled and forced out slowly by hand! Luckily, after several duckings, my summer wetsuit kept out some of the cold long enough for me to remove the plug and with the help of our volunteers and students from Petroc College, we removed mud, branches and vegetation and the pond now contains some areas of deep water once again. Ideal for the water rail, eels and tadpoles which thrive here.

One response to “Baggy Pond habitat improvements

  1. That sounds cold but inspiring. I’ve got a pond to clear too, and I keep putting it off!

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