Our brand new PV panels

Last week we had installed 20 photovoltaic panels on the roof of our workshop at Woolacombe.  This is all a part of the National Trust’s efforts to reduce its CO2 emissions, some of which is through generating our own power.  Our installation follows on from a new one at West Lyn Barn on Exmoor and solar panels on the roof of our bunkhouse also on Exmoor and hopefully very soon some more PV panels on our workshop over at Brownsham.   We are certainly making big strides in the generation of our own power but we are also making efforts to reduce the amount of CO2 we produce through our day to day work.  This summer we purchased an electric powered all-terrain vehicle which has helped us cut down on the mileage and fuel we use for one of our landrovers, and now we can charge its batteries directly from power that we produce, fantastic!

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