The Big Draw on Woolacombe Beach

As part of the National Big Draw campaign we took a load of beach rubbish which we had collected over the summer to Woolacombe beach and let the imagination and creativity of the kids flow to create beach art out of rubbish.  Despite the rather blustery conditions the kids had a great time with one group improvising with an old tent to create a giant kite, others creating a mermaid, a giant fish and a boat.  It’s amazing how much fun you can have with rubbish.  On the serious side the day helps us show people how much rubbish is floating around in our seas.  We regularly litter pick on the beach and this year we cleared over 1.5 tons, mainly of light weight plastic, that’s a lot of plastic, which takes years to break down, if ever.   For more information on beach litter take a look at the Marine Conservation Societies website,

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