‘Bovril Revival’ Competition. Please vote for Watersmeet!

Some recent exciting good news is that Watersmeet on Exmoor is currently ranking third out of over eighty projects nationwide in the online Bovril ‘Great Outdoor Revival’ competition.

This year Bovril have teamed up with the National Trust to help revive the truly great outdoor beauty spots in the UK. 

Lyn Rock Bridge was badly damaged by a falling tree during 2009 and following an assessment is deemed beyond repair.  The bridge connected two of the busiest footpaths on Exmoor across the stunningly beautiful East Lyn River. The proposed project would see the bridge re-built opening up access again to large numbers of walkers, anglers and canoeists . 

We are trying to encourage everyone to get behind our campaign and vote for Watersmeet. As long as Watersmeet remains in the top five projects voted for by the end of December 2010 then the North Devon National Trust team will receive a cheque for £25,000.00 from Bovril to enable the bridge to be re-built.  To vote visit  www.bovril.co.uk/revival.

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