Happy Tramping in the Heddon Valley.

Here is a sneak preview of something that is going to make a lot of people very happy. The National Trust’s West Exmoor property has teamed up with Countryside Mobility who have some serious mobility scooters to hire out. Someone actually took one of these scooters to the top of Snowdon and back down again! Here in the Heddon valley we have slightly less of a challenge but the scooter will enable some of our less able visitors to get to places which would prove very difficult otherwise. A trip down to Heddons Mouth and back and another following the old Victorian carriageway along to Woody bay both with absolutely stunning views. Tom and I, along with the team from Countryside Mobility, carried out a test run of both trails on Wednesday, here are the photos, I just love the one of Tom trying it out for size!

The ‘Tramper’, as it is aptly named, made easy work of rocks, ruts and mud and our test pilot thoroughly enjoyed the experience, promising to be ‘back  with his friends as soon as it up and running’, which we hope will be before the start of next season. The 4 x4 Tramper costs just £2.50 per hour to hire out and once you have received a twenty minute training season you are welcome to take it out as often as you like as long as you book in advance. It will be kept at the Trust’s Heddon valley shop and yours truly will be on hand to show you how it all works.



3 responses to “Happy Tramping in the Heddon Valley.

  1. Hey Julian what a great idea it should do well.

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