Highest Tides of the Year

Thursday and Friday of last week saw the highest tides of the year at Woolacombe and along the North Devon Coast.  I went down to have a look at 8pm on Friday when the tide reached 10.3 metres, the biggest of the year.  The beach has a totally different feel when the sea is right up against the dune edge.  We had great fun dodging the breaking waves, watching the large pieces of driftwood, normally stuck solid in the sand being tossed around like matchsticks and watching the waves break over Mill Rock.  I also kept one eye on our beach fence, I left at about 8.30pm and it was still standing.  Time for it to come down I think!

3 responses to “Highest Tides of the Year

  1. brilliant pictures Jonathan!

  2. Lovely pictures, Jonathan, they really capture the moment. We went down to Lynmouth (all the way from Lynton!); very dramatic watching the waves crash against the boulders by the Rhenish Tower. The colours of the sea and sky were exactly as in your photos

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