Belted Galloway’s visit the sea side.


Two years ago the National Trust became the new owners of a beautiful valley near the North Devon and Cornwall border, and after allot of hard work which included 3000 meters of fencing with untreated chestnut timber, 2 hectares of scrub clearance, a new water supply and some interpretation we have finally introduced grazing . The whole valley is in the North Devon AONB and is a SSSI for is geology, flora and fauna, and we have been informed that it is the first time it has been grazed for at least 60 years. 

The six new areas will be grazed during different times of the year to help increase the variety of plants and animals found in the valley, the areas range from steep rocky cliffs to wooded valley slopes. The grazing is being done by beef cattle and sheep that are owned by four different graziers who are all local farmers. The cattle in the pictures are Belted Galloway’s and they are owned by Les Deadman who grazes some other important sites for us as well. 

I took some of the pictures on Saturday whilst checking the stock and talking to the visitors at Welcombe Mouth. Over the weekend the tides were huge, and the biggest of the year which is really shown by the amount of sand on the beach and how far out the tide is.

One response to “Belted Galloway’s visit the sea side.

  1. Welcombe is an area which is very special to me and the cattle look great. Is there any chance of the paths that run along the flood plain close to the stream being resurrected. Thanks

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