Lynmouth Fete 2010 (The Pictures)

Despite a rather blustery day with the occasional heavy shower the 5th annual National Trust fete at Lynmouth went really well yesterday. With the assistance of working holiday volunteers who are staying at the Basecamp we set up and were well underway by 11am. For the first time this Year we had a Punch and Judy show which went down really well and I have to admit I enjoyed it as much as the kids! Tom, Marcus, Dan C and Dan F all insisted on dressing up as chilli peppers during the course of the day even though I tried my best to talk them out of it. However, I’m sure, like me, you will all like the picture of Tom doing a passable impression of Frank Spenser whilst wearing the costume. We had some help this year from Paul South and a couple of his mates from Bicton College as well as Hillary Sain and some ladies from the Lyn Valley WI, it was good to get a couple of other organisations involved and I hope this will develop further neat Year. It was a fantastic day and I for one had a great time!

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