Tractor Trailer Rides

In between the showers and the torrential rain we managed to have a dry day on Wednesday for our tractor trailer rides to Morte Point.  In July and August every Wedneday we have taken visitors on a 45 minute round trip  to Morte Point, and hopefully spot some Grey Seals as well as tell people about the history of the Point and and how we look after it.  We have been taking people out to Morte Point in the summer months for over thirty years now and they are as popular as ever.  A few years ago we upgraded our trailer so even if the weather turns nasty shelter is never too far away.  Its our last rides of the year next Wednesday, and Tuesday for the Mortehoe Heritage Centres Rides to Bull Point, so if you’d like to jump aboard call 01271 870028 to book your seat. 

2 responses to “Tractor Trailer Rides

  1. put the wig photo up – dare you!

  2. now we are intrigued! show us the wig photo!

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