Viewpoint Falls


First blog from Marcus! Seasonal warden on the West Exmoor property.

Over the last 8 years or so the view of 2 spectacular waterfalls, the Viewpoint Falls, has slowly been obscured by growing vegetation and trees. The Viewpoint Falls are located on the Hoaroak Water, a stunning river that rises high on Exmoor at a location called Hoaroak Hill on the Chains. The river then falls an incredible 1550ft on its short 8 mile journey to the sea, merging with, and becoming the East Lyn at Watersmeet and then flowing down to the sea at Lynmouth, giving an average drop of nearly 200ft per mile. It is this steep gradient and wild terrain that allows waterfalls, such as Viewpoint, to exist on this river.

It was decided that the falls, located approximately a quarter of a mile upstream of Watersmeet, should be opened up and revealed again for the enjoyment of visitors. The job fell to myself and Steve (Naturally with Julian gainfully offering measured and timely advice from a safe distance!) and within a few hours of scrabbling around in the rain on both sides of the river, polesaws, chainsaws and wading in the river we had the view back! As the pictures show, there is quite a difference between the before and after shot, time well spent revealing this hidden gem! We then had a well earned mug of coffee and a slice of cake at Watersmeet to round the job off.

One response to “Viewpoint Falls

  1. Great blog Marcus – wow what a difference a chainsaw (and hard graft) makes!

    We always recommend Watersmeet (and the tea garden!) to our guests. It is such a lovely walk from Lynton and the riverside walk is easy enough to be enjoyed by just about everyone.

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