Sunfish and Porpoise


The first of our two cruises from Clovelly left the beautiful old harbour with people on board from as far away as Scotland, as well as some from the local area. Although not perfect  beach weather it was great for a cruise, the light was amazing and the ever changing weather and sea  made the trip spectacular. The bay was calm and smooth like glass as we headed out towards Blackchurch Rock, and with Hartland Point in the distance we were greated by a Sunfish. Dave and Doug who own the boat pulled along side so everyone could have a better look at the strange but common visitor to our coast.

The clean swell increased in size as we neared Hartland Point, and as the boat climbed and dropped down the groomed swell lines we saw our first porpoise of the evening. Soon we had Gannets  plunging into the sea around us with Razorbills and Oystercatchers flying by. Once at Hartland point we turned towards Bideford Bay and with the help of the Atlantic swells pushing us we started the second part of the cruise along past Bucks Mills,Peppercombe and towards Westward Ho!. From the sea it really brings home just how unspoilt sections of this coast are, with very few buildings spoiling the view. Only Hartland Point Lighthouse and the two picturesque villages of Clovelly and Bucks Mills nestled into their steep wooded valleys break up this remote,varried and beautiful coastline.

A wonderful evening,  and Im already looking forward to the  next one on the 10th August.

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