Rockpool found at Woolsery school!

Bucks Mills is a small village on the North Devon coast, and on the way down to the beach is a tiny one up one down  house known as the Cabin. The National Trust have owned the Cabin for nearly two years, but once it was an Artists retreat for Mary Stella Edwards and Judith Ackland from the 1920`s to the 1970`s. Although its small the Cabin is fascinating and full of atmosphere and is as they left it 4o years ago, with many things of interest and items to encourage curiosity.

To help bring it to life and to allow people the chance to see inside this intriguing little building it was opened up during the Appledore Arts Festival, and for two weeks Kate Paxman was our artist in residence. During this time Kate gave a talk at the Burton Art Gallery, helped with an open day as well as using it as an open studio.

The year 4 and 5 children from Woolsery Primary school spent some time on the beach with the National Trust Rangers and Kate rockpooling, painting, getting wet,falling over and best of all getting messy making clay models of what they found in the rockpools back at school. The children did a great job with some amazing models coming out of the schools own kiln. Gregg the Ranger went back to school to tell the children some amazing facts about all sorts of sea creatures, from the 10ft spider crab to how starfish eat . The clay sea creatures have now been painted in wonderful bright colours and placed in their land locked rockpool or as we like to call it a Diorama. Whats a Diorama I hear some of you ask, well the best way I can explain it is that it’s a model or sculpture that you can move things around in. Our Diorama is about 4ft long, 3ft deep and 3ft high,it  has a rockpool with Bucks Mills village in the background,and seagull models hanging in the sky.

We had a great time with the kids and would like to thank them and the teachers for their enthusiasm.

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