AONB North Devon Marathon Completed!

Congratulations to all the finishers of the first North Devon half and full distance marathon, all 26 miles 365 yards!  The weather was fantastic for spending a day on the beach, not so good for running a marathon, but the organisers did a great job providing plenty of drinks stops and the marshalling was fantastic, so a big thanks to all the volunteers who made the event such a success.   Unbelievably I managed to get round in 4hours 21 minutes, which I still can’t quite believe but am really happy with.  

Proudly showing off my finishers medal!

2 responses to “AONB North Devon Marathon Completed!

  1. Good effort Jonathon – who organised the rasce?
    Adrian Colston

    • Fairhurst, Jonathan

      Hi Adrian, thanks. The race was organised by a runner from the North Devon Road Runners Club. Although not an official race of the clubs it was in partnership with the North Devon Hospice, who have a lot of experience of putting on this type of event. 450 people signed up, about 380 turned up to race on the day and everything went really smoothly. Possibly be looking to grow the event for next year. Jonathan

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